Sunday, July 21, 2013

10 tips for all ya'll uni rookies! (Part 1)

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuhu!
Hey guys! :D

So one of my closest friends is kind of re-starting university...well re-starting is sort of confusing.Lets just call it like it is.She's switching universities but is still a freshman.And let me say she is freaking out!And who wouldn't?I know i did.You probably did too or at least know someone who did.Be it a friend,sister or daughter.Point is...this post is oh so relatable!

So here are my top ten tips for the uni rookie muslimah!!!Or anyone else for that matter...does that make sense? :-/ i hope so!
Okay so first:
  • Make loads of dua!Pray people pray!!The extra special thing about dua is that you can say it anywhere,anytime!Well...with the exception of the rest room,you can't go around saying a prayer while making number two now can you.

  • Two...You are a muslimah!Or muslim!Whoever you are,you're fantastic!And you should be darn proud of that!Walk with you're head up high.Be confident and try not to show how terrified you really are.I know this is difficult to do,but trust me,once you believe your awesome...others will too!

    • Don't grandstand your values for anything or anyone!Accommodate others,but don't ever change to fit into someone else's perception of who you should be.Speak out when you have something to say.If you don't have something to say,that's cool too.Better to say nothing than to say something foolish.

    • Choose your friends extremely wisely!

    • Use your time well.If you don't have classes,busy yourself with a hobbie or something awesome that interests you.Don't hang around people who might end up being your friends but then turn around and backstab you, make you go through the most embarrassing moment in the history of embarrassing moments...then you'll have to move to a different continent-change your name-get a new face-get some weird name like Hanshjiglofitzhapchik oprutosphus all because that one person you had a huge crush on can never see you the same anymore.All thanks to your 'friends.'
    Of course i'm just speculating.
    • Learn Islam!Keep learning!Keep in touch with your spiritual side.You'll definitely become much more busier than you used to be,so make sure you slot out time for Islam.

    • Be optimistic.Have an 'i am the best-i am awesome' kind of attitude.And if you're not there yet,then you're definitely on your way there.A positive attitude goes a really long way.If you believe,i mean really believe,you can definitely achieve!

    • Be the best at whatever you do!Don't settle for anything less.Give everything your best shot and you'll definitely feel like the best even if you aren't.Plus,this will boost your self esteem and leave you a happier uni rookie!
    •  Take a rest!!If you feel things are getting too much.Take a chill pill.There's nothing wrong with admitting that you're tired and need a break.Its completely healthy and recommended.Human beings need to rejuvenate.Otherwise we harden.
    And last but not least...(ok this isn't really the last because there's gonna be a part two in shaa Allah.I was just going with the flow as the points came to me,so...yeah back to the drum rolls...I talk a lot don't i...never mind.)
    Okay so lastly...
    • Enjoy the ride!Be open-minded,expect change,expect challenges and embrace them!Remember that at the end of the day,everything that happens is pre-ordained and has something valuable to teach you.So close your eyes,take a deep breath and take that leap of faith!Because its definitely worth it...not to mention tonnes of fun!

    Oh yeah,don't forget to smile!Smile!Smile! :D Hope this helps guys!xoxo salaam!


    1. Even if it kills me....
      I'm going to smile :)))))))))))))
      Keep keeping on habibty!!!! Your a gem in my ocean!!!! Gaaad!!! i. LOVE. you!!!! Saum Maqbul!!!!

      1. AWWH!Love yah sooooo much more Tifah!!Stay awesome,keep smiling,keep dreaming!!Saum Maqbul love!

        xoxoxo! :D <3