Thursday, October 10, 2013

Have you been to the Masjid lately?

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuhu!!
May the peace and blessings of Allah (SW) be upon all of you!

Did you hear me say exams are overrrr!Alhamdulillah atleast for now they are.But that's besides the point.This post is so important for me to share with you all because the gems of hadith that i found regarding this topic subhanallah are so amazing!I just have to pass them on and i pray you'll pass them on too.

I have always loved the masjid.It's peaceful and calming and there's just something about the masjid you feel that you don't feel anywhere else.Unfortunately it can also get preety boring in the masjid when there are no events,halaqahs (islamic gatherings) or just anything exciting for the youth.But that's no excuse at all.Make it interesting!Hold a Quran contest,tell stories of the Prophets!The list is endless.
Sadly in most masjids nowadays you find people meeting up to gossip,eat lunch or sleep!It's so vivid that we have forgotten the importance of the House where Allah (SW) is remembered,where brotherhood is nurtured and where people come back to Allah (SW).I pray this article will remind you of what we forgot just as it reminded me.Allahumma Ameen.

Allah (SW) says:The masjids of Allah are only to be maintained and  served by those,who believe in Allah (SW),and the Last Day,and establish salaat,and give Zakaat,and fear none save Allah,for (such)it is expected that,they will be of the rightly guided.                                      {At-Tawbah:18}

The maintenance of a masjid implies that all the actions of the masjid of Rasulullah (SAW) are done in it.This includes Da'wat of Iman gatherings in which belief in the unseen is developed,study circles on the virtues of A'mal(deeds),acquiring knowledge and dhikr,the religious education and training of those coming from outside,worship and the services of the guests.Another important aspect of the Masjid of Rasulullah (SAW) was the sending of the Jam'ats (groups) for Da'awat work,both within the country and to foreign countries.Similarly receiving and being host to Jama'ats from within the country and abroad.This is generally expressed as "Hijrat and Nusrat".            {Bayan-ul-Quran}

Describing the conditions of the men who have been rightly guided Allah (SW) says:In houses (masjids),which Allah has ordered to be raised (to be cleaned and to be honored),in them His name is remembered (i.e Da'wat,recitation of Quran,learning and teaching the commandments of Allah (SW),worship).Therein glorify Him (Allah) in the mornings and in the evenings.Men whom neither trade nor sale (business) diverts from the rememberance of Allah (with heart and tongue),nor from establishing salaat,nor from giving zakaat.They fear a Day when hearts will be shaken and eyes will be rolled (out of the horror of the torment of the Day of Resurrection).                            {An-Nur}
Adapted from Muntakhab Ahadith:A selection of Ahadith Relating to the Six Qualities of Da'wat and Tabligh.

Subhanallah isn't that just amazing?But i know some sisters are now thinking,well we can't go to the masjid.Other's are thinking,well its too much for me to go to the masjid,plus its better for me to pray at home anyways.For the former,i want to let you know that muslimahs ARE allowed to go to the masjid.
The Prophet SAW said : “Do not prevent the female servants of Allah from (entering) the Houses of Allah and they should go out unadorned.” He also said: “If any woman puts perfume on, she should not pray with us the last `Isha’.” And, from the hadith of `Aisha in al-Muwatta’, “The women would pray Fajr with the Prophet (ﷺ), and they would return wrapped in their garments, unknown in the darkness.”
However,muslimahs know that it is better for them to pray in their homes according to what the Prophet (SAW) said: “A woman’s prayer in her house is better than in her courtyard, and her prayer in her own room is better than her prayer in the rest of the house” (reported by Abu Dawud).
While most of the hadiths i am going to share in shaa Allah may apply more to our brothers,some of them apply to muslimahs too.And this shouldn't mean that the Masjid is out of limits for us.Subhanallah far from it.

Abu Hurairah (RA) narrates that Rasulullah (SAW) said:The parts of the land liked most by Allah (SW) are its masjids,and the parts of land disliked most by Allah (SW) are its markets.      {Muslim}

Ibne-Abbas Radiyallahu anhuma narrates that masjids are the houses of Allah (SW) on earth.They shine to the dwellers of the sky,just as the stars shine to the dwellers of the earth.
{Tabarani,Majma-uz Zawaid}

Umar ibnl-Khattab (RA) narrates:I heard Rasulullah (SAW) saying: Anyone who builds a masjid where the name of Allah (SW) is remembered and (He is praised),Allah will build a palace for him in paradise.                                                                                                                      {Ibne-Hibban}

Abu Hurairah (RA) narrates that Rasulullah (SAW) said:Whoever goes to the masjid in the morning or in the evening,Allah (SW) prepares for him a good hospitality in Paradise as often as he goes to the masjid,morning or evening.                                                                                         {Bukhari}

Abu Umamah (RA) narrates that Rasulullah (SAW) said:Going to the masjid in the morning or evening is part of Jihad in the path of Allah (SW).                           {Tabarani,Majma'uz Zawaid}

Abu Sa'id Khudri (RA) narrates that Rasulullah (SAW)  said:whoever loves the masjid,Allah (SW) loves him.                                                                                          {Tabarani,Majma uz-Zawaid}

Abu Darda (RA) narrates:I heard Rasulullah (SAW) saying:The masjid is the house of every pious person who fears Allah(SW).For the one who spends most of his time in the masjid,Allah (SW) has taken upon Himself to comfort him,to bestow Mercy upon Him,to make the crossing over the Bridge of Sirat easy for him,and to grant him His Pleasure and Paradise. 

Muadh ibne-Jabal (RA) narrates that Nabi (SAW) said:Verily shaitan is the wolf to man,like the wolf which catches sheep;the one which is solitary and the one which stays away from the flock.So avoid staying alone in valleys.Hold firmly to jamaat (collectiveness),to live with the common people,and to the masjid.                                                                                                           {Musnad Ahamad}

Abu Said (RA) narrates that Rasulullah (SAW) said:If you see a man frequenting the masjid,bear witness to his Iman.Allah (SW) says: Only he will frequent the masjids,who believes in Allah (SW) and the Last Day.                                                                                                           {Tirmidhi}

Abu Hurairah (RA) narrates that Nabi (SAW) said: The people who frequent the masjids are like their pegs.The angels are their companions.If they are absent the angels search for them,and if they become sick the angels visit them,and if they are in need the angels help them.He (also) said:The one,who sits in the masjid,derives atleast one benefit from these three:Either he meets a Muslim brother from whom he may get benefit in terms of Deen,or hears a word of wisdom,or recieves a Mercy from Allah for which every muslim waits for.                                     {Musnad Ahmad}

Need i say more?Time is of the essence my brothers and sisters.Will you wait for an illness to fall upon you so that you can lament on your inability to go to the masjid?Are you going to wait for a calamity (Allah (SW) forbid) to fall upon you so that you are no longer able to go on with your daily life?Grab this chance with all your might.You never know when Allah (SW) will order the Angel of Death to come for you.Or me.
This is a note to me first and foremost.Go to the masjid in shaa Allah for the sake of Allah (SW).And may Allah (SW) make this beneficial to both of us.And may it add on to our good deeds on the Day of Qiyama.Allahumma Ameen.
Sorry for the just had to be done!

Jazakumallah khayran :)

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