Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Struggling with your prayers?Oh don't we all!

Assalm Aleykum Warahmatullahy wabarakatuh!
Peace be upon you!


Being an early bird has never been easy for me.Or you for that matter.But truth be told,the benefits of an early start speak for themselves and are quite remarkable and even life changing if I do say so myself. The five daily prayers (Salaat) are of immense importance in a Muslim's life.In any case, prayers are of great importance to anyone who believes in a higher power.

Allah (sw) said to His Prophet (saw) : Tell My slaves who have believed,to establish Salaat and spend from what We have provided them,secretly and publicly,before a Day comes in which there shall be no trading (i.e ransom exchange),nor any friendship.
{Surah Ibrahim:31}

Prayers allow us to establish a connection with our Creator.They help us have a relationship with Him (sw) in that we are able to talk to Him,cry to Him,complain to Him and most importantly,thank Him.Sometimes,we do lose focus because life can get quite chaotic. We forget that everything we have been given are gifts and nothing is deserved.How many people in this world are in such atrocious and destitute situations yet, are even better people than we are?If you look at life from such an angle, you'll realize that you just aren't being grateful enough, even though nothing we ever do will be enough to portray our gratitude to Allah (sw).

But the thing about life,is that there's always a bright side.You can always change the situation.Yes,its hard, but there are no rules to this precious gift of life.If you're not making your prayers,(something that is so crucially important) only you can decide when to begin.You have the ability and the capacity to mould the kind of life you want.So here I share my tips on how to start living in a much more prayerful way.

1.Prepare yourself mentally
Take Initiative.Know that at the end of the day,you and I are going to end up six feet under.Alone.And only our good deeds will be of essence to us.So you need to stack up on as many as you can,as much as you can. And what better to begin with than with the obligatory prayers,which are so beloved to Allah (sw). Don't think of your prayers as something you have to do,think of them as something you want to do. Think of the immense blessings you will receive in your life, your work, your health and your relationships. Think of it as a special conversation, because that is essentially what it is.At the same time,think of the Greatness of the One you are talking to.Think of the love He(sw) has for you.In shaa Allah, this will steer you in the right direction.

2.Get an Alarm clock!
If you really are determined to make your prayers religiously,you need an alarm clock.YOU.NEED. AN.ALARM.CLOCK!!And you need to place it far away from your bed so that you can be victorious against those demons under your blankets constantly telling you to keep on sleeping because the night is just so long.
No okay?Just no.
Also, a prayer app on your phone will do you alot of good.Especially if you're a busy bee and are likely to forget your prayer times.

3.Don't sleep late and expect to wake up early.
It's that simple you know? Better yet,get a planner and get organized, to the best of your abilities.This is extremely helpful especially for all you fellow procrastinators out there.It does take a lot of commitment,but all great people have to develop the skill of time management.

4.Get Help.
Ask someone reliable to wake you up or remind you when its time for prayers.The company you keep is also extremely important in helping you stay on the right track.So be wary of the people you spend your time with.

5.Increase your knowledge about salaat,Qur'an and Islam in general.
When you understand what you're saying in your prayers,you're more likely to concentrate and feel the words you're reciting.Knowing the rewards of salaat and its benefits in this life and the hereafter,will also serve well in motivating you to make your prayers on time, and even advance to the sunnah prayers.

In shaa allah I pray that these few tips help you in improving your salaat,make loads of dua and if you have any more productive tips,leave them in the comment below!Jazakunallah khayr!Keep me in your prayers :) and as always, I love hearing from you guys!xoxo


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