Sunday, August 10, 2014

Finals around the corner!?My Basic studying tips!

Assalam Aleykum warahmatullahy

Hey guys!So since i have my finals coming up in a few days,well actually Monday,i decided to share some of my basic studying tips.For those who have exams going on or coming up,best wishes! :P

Purify your intentions. (In other words: find your why)
In all honesty,sometimes you don’t feel like studying.Well actually most times. 
Sometimes I just want to lay in bed and be lazy or just do whatever like read a novel or do some crafting.
But no.I have to study because I want to do well in my tests.So I purify my intentions.This is what works for me.
By purifying my intentions I mean deciding that all this hustle I’m putting myself through,doing this course,the assignments and the late nights are all for the sake of Allah SW.I expect my reward from Him alone.
I’m not doing it for my lecturer,or so my friends can see that I’m smart.I’m doing it solely for the one who made it possible for me to be here in the first place.
I think about all the people out there who want the opportunity to study but don’t have it for one reason or the other.Either they can’t afford it,are in poor health conditions or just don’t have the means.I think about my parents and how much they’ve struggled for me.Shouldn’t I be grateful then?
Plus, who doesn’t like doing well and getting A’s you know? :P

Make Dua (pray about it)
I think I have a record of always giving this as a tip, but only because I find it so important to put Allah (SW) first before you do anything you know?Its kind of like a longer version of  saying Bismillah,I like to think,and it also helps me put my heart at ease because I’m putting my trust in Allah (SW).And I’m not even saying this because I’m like super holy or something.NOT.AT. ALL!OKAY?OKAY.
I just think putting a little bit of effort goes a really long way.And don't worry if you don't know any dua's your girl's got you remember?You can find these extremely helpful dua's here.

Get organized.
Get all your books,papers,pencils,colours,charts,crayons...I mean, I don’t know what you’re into but just get everything you need ready.Including snacks,just to avoid the aspect of you getting up every five minutes to get something to eat.You know what i'm talking about!Those 'well deserved breaks'.

Getting organized is important because it helps you become more relaxed when everything looks neat and you can access all the materials you need.Part of getting organized is also knowing what exactly you’re supposed to cover as a student.When you’re unaware of how much content there is,you tend to imagine this huge Godzilla crap load of work that fills you with fear and takes you into paralysis mode.Hence you not wanting to even look at the books and thus surrendering to failure.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.All you have to do is find out how much work you’re actually entailed to study,break that load down into smaller manageable chunks and schedule time to complete each of these chunks.And when you feel lazy and don’t want to study anymore,just purify your intentions once more.
I would also recommend finding an appropriate study area.Somewhere that works for you,with good lighting and an appropriate reading atmosphere.I like to read either in the library or my room where i have these colorful sticky notes with positive quotes on them. <3

Prioritize your content
Once you’ve organized your work you can now prioritize it according to importance.If you have an exam on Monday don’t put it off until Sunday because you were studying for what’s coming on Thursday.
Seems obvious but common sense isn’t very common.Trust me I speak from experience.
At the same time don’t put off studying for your last exam simply because it's your last exam you know? Schedule enough time to study for each of your exams.

Find out what kind of learner you are.
This is so important because it’ll help you study more effectively.Basically,there are 3 types of learners : Visual,Auditory and Kinesthetic learners.Visual learners  learn best by seeing things and relate better with colours.Auditory learners  are good listeners so they are generally really good with grasping things once they hear it.Kinesthetic learners  are physical learners.They have to do it (whatever it is ) in order to grasp whatever is going on.Most people tend to be a combination of all these, so don’t freak out if you don’t fit exactly into one category.You can learn more about different kinds of learners here.

When I’m studying, I like to go through my notes and make short notes.I usually take notes in class so I have an idea of what the topic entails.If you don’t take notes in class I would recommend skimming through the content first,then going back again and making short notes.I know this seems like a lot but I promise it works wonders when it comes to committing stuff to memory.
I also love colour A LOT!So I’m always making use of colourful sticky notes,colourful pens and highlighters just because it makes things more fun and I love opening preety and colourful books. They are also very efficient in helping me remember stuff too by the way.

After making my short notes I just go through them again highlighting the key points,making doodles and all that good stuff.And when I’m making my short notes I usually use really tiny font just because it gives me the illusion of less work to read! :P
So those are some of my basic studying tips.I’ll probably add some more but for now I hope they help.Until next time in shaa allah!
Oh yeah please guys keep me in your dua’s like i said, got finals coming up next week!eeeeek!


  1. Im not a student anymore but you give such a great tips here. Nice blog btw...

    1. Thank you so much Yulia!I'm glad you found them useful!Plus you never know when you might become a student once more! :p