Monday, August 4, 2014

Keeping up with this dreaming muslimah!August Goals!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Guys!
Peace be upon all of you!

I know,I know.Where in the world did I vanish off to right?Let's just say that things have been a tad bit crazy.But alhamdulillah I'm here now so lets not be fussy ok?Ok then.I would like to however express the major nostalgia that I have been experiencing due to this long hiatus (which was very unplanned if I do say so)can simply not be explained in words.So, to make my grand debut back on here, I thought I would quickly share with you my goals for August!Yaay for August!^-^

Now you all should know that I am very big on planning and writing stuff down.You should see the number of notebooks I own subhanallah.But I just can't help it!I love to write!Especially on pretty and gorgeous looking notebooks! When I'm setting my goals for the month I like to categorize them under either,spiritual,academic,physical,social or miscellaneous.That being said,lets get on with it.

 My August Goals

Spiritual Goals
Finish reading the Holy Quran.Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish reading the whole Quran during Ramadhan :( .However, I'm still very grateful because I was able to reach half of it which is more than I've ever done.Like seriously,In my entire life!So that's pretty cool.And if you weren't also able to reach your Ramadhan Qur'an goals,you could definitely join in on this and we can do it together!Cause I got so much love for you, my fellow procrastinator and lazy person,you feel me?

Read the book : Lessons for those who fast by Dr.Aidh Al-Qarni.I know Ramadhan is over but I strongly believe this book is a real gem, especially since we still have the opportunity for other fasts during the rest of the year.

Read about one Sahaba (Companion of the Prophet (SAW). I feel like this should be obvious but honestly its not.It wasn't even to me until quite recently actually.So many of us underestimate the importance of learning about the companions of the Prophet (SAW). Probably because we feel that we simply cannot relate but I promise you,give it a go because they are so inspiring subhanallah and immensely relatable. Trust me.

Academic Goals
Pick out my fourth course for the Fall semester.Lest I forget.

Start studying for my finals immediately!No procrastination!
Lol may Allah (SW) help me.No but seriously.

Return borrowed books and course texts to the Library.Lest I forget.Again.

Physical Goals
Stretch every morning. Lol you guys should know : I'm in my Uni's Tae kwo ndo team,although...i don't know I feel like I've mentioned this before.Since the beginning of Ramadhan I have scarcely to never actually attended any of the work outs or practice or whatever you guys call them,not only because I was fasting but because I was just super dang busy!I just used Ramadhan as an excuse.
I know,I'm a really bad cookie :/

Social Goals
Sleepover at grandma's.She gets really cranky when I don't visit her for long periods of time.I can't really complain though, I love hanging out with my habubah.

Visit my aunt's new house.Now that I think about it I should probably take her a house warming gift, or something along that line.It's the thought that counts right? #BrokeGirlTalk

Miscellaneous Goals
Make two beaded bracelets.You don't want to know.

Hunt down a certain T-shirt designer guy.Not that I want to kill him or anything like that, I just need some custom T's made for me :).

And that's a wrap guys!In shaa allah i'll be able to complete all of these.
Keep me in your dua's, remember to always purify your intentions.As always, I love hearing from you guys!xoxo


  1. Hunt down the t shirt guy...not that I want t kill him!!! lol
    Your goals are cool may Allah make you attain them biidnillah

    1. Lool!Jazakillah khayr Sanaa!You're too cool mann!And for you the same for any goals you may have!That t shirt guy better watch out tho :P