Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Goals Recap.

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy!
 Peace! :P
 August Goals Recap
WOW!Can you believe August is already over?It literally just flew by.You know what that means right?Time to find out if i wasted myself away or actually got something useful done.As you can tell this post is slightly late,but its only because i was experiencing some trouble accessing the internet.If you follow my blog on facebook you probably know that already.If you haven't liked my facebook page yet,what are you waiting for?Its flippin free!

P.S I'm a selectively active person who suffers from chronic procrastination,so...just keep that in mind as we handle this business okay?Okay.

Spiritual Goals
Finish reading the Holy Quran.So this didn't quite happen but alhamdulillah i'm happy with where i reached.I didn't want to just read the Quran for the sake of finishing it so i decided that i would be reading both the translation and the Arabic text just so i could get the most out of it,which is what i would recommend to everyone.When you're reading the Quran without really understanding it it becomes more of a chore than something that's suppose to nourish you.Therefore, as much as i didn't attain this goal,i'm happy with the outcome.

Read the book : Lessons for those who fast by Dr.Aidh Al-Qarni.I actually finished it!Woop!Last minute as usual.Typical Maryam but i did it!I would definitely recommend this book especially for Ramadhan.It basically outlines everything to do with fasting.What it entails,what one should expect from fasting,how you should feel and act when fasting,even common mistakes to look out for when fasting.This book is definitely one to be read all year through,Ramadhan or no Ramadhan.You can download 'Thirty Lessons for those who Fast' here.Its free!

Read about one Sahaba (Companion of the Prophet (SAW).I chose to read about Khadija bint Khuwaylid (RA),the first person to embrace Islam,the first wife of the Prophet SAW and the mother of believers.I have to say my words do not do justice to the life of this amazing woman may Allah SW have mercy on her,bless her and forgive her.Ameen!

OH. MY. GOODNESS!I am just amazed at how impeccable this blessed lady truly is.This is my first time reading a piece solely about her and i must say, her story will inspire you,shake you and move you to tears.I mean i cried from beginning to end.Not even joking.She was a luxurious,wealthy and astute woman who gave up everything she had for the sake of Allah SW and for the love she had for her beloved husband the Prophet SAW.Her life story will make you rethink your priorities in life.A MUST read for everyone.Honestly she's perfect to me.I could honestly go on and on about how amazing and such a great role model she is but you can find that out for yourself when you read about her.Download 'Great Women of Islam' for free here :)

Academic Goals
Pick out my fourth course for the Fall semester.When i was picking my courses for the Summer semester it happened that i ended up choosing them extremely late.Hence,i ended up having night classes because i didn't really have a choice.By choosing my courses early i was hoping to avoid this but i guess i wasn't early enough.I've got one class on Monday and Wednesday morning's and three classes back to back on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon's.Yes,my Tuesday's and Thursday's are going to be utterly hectic but i still think its a sweet deal considering i've got no night classes and my weekend begins on Thursday night!Holla holla!

Start studying for my finals immediately!Lol this was an epic fail.I had a whole week to start studying for my finals and i started on Saturday!A day to my finals.Ask me what i was doing that whole week and i have absolutely no idea.

Return borrowed books and course texts to the Library.Because i was travelling back home, i had so many errands to run in such a short amount of time that i asked a friend of mine to hand in my books for me.The irony is i couldn't even find the time to take the books to her place so i just ended up taking them back myself.Last minute as expected,but still in time because i didn't have to pay any fine for lateness which is good enough for me!

Physical Goals
Stretch every morning.LOOOOOL!HUGE EPIC FAIL!I'm not even going to get into this because this is just inappropriate behaviour to be honest.

Social Goals
Sleepover at grandma's. Well i didn't sleep over at grandma's place due to issues of time and what not,but i did spend the afternoon,which we could say kind of served the same purpose.

Visit my aunt's new house.Unfortunately i didn't get the time to visit my aunt or anyone for that matter.I just didn't have the time okay!?Or  it could also be that my time management skills are pathetic but that's not what i'm trying to say here.

Miscellaneous Goals
Make two beaded bracelets.Done and done!Two beaded chain braceletes.I used silver beads coz I'm just fancy like that!

 Hunt down a certain T-shirt designer guy.Hunted down and ready to start on the project although its really my brother's project i was just helping him out.

So that's a little bit of the magic in my August.I find that blogging about my goals makes me more aware of them and also pushes me to finish them.Doing a recap of the goals makes me somewhat nostalgic for the passing month because i feel like i could've achieved more, but also makes me yearn for the coming month because you just never know what's going to happen.Which is sort of thrilling and terrifying at the same time you know?Let me know if you guys like these kinds of posts.Or if you don't, let me know that too.

Anyways hope your August was awesome guys! :D

Hello September!