Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Tips for Uni Rookies (PART 2)

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuhu!

Back to school season is upon us once again and i thought what better way to kick it off that to have a back to school tips post!I am currently in the last semester of my sophomore year and let me just tell you the stress just got real!Hence i decided to jot down some tips to help me calm my nerves and in the process,those tips metamorphosized into a whole blog post!Basically what i'm saying is that as much as these tips are meant to help you,they are mainly aimed to help me first and foremost.So whatever you feel is helpful to you,take it.Whatever you may deem to be not so helpful,take it and give it to someone else who may put it to good use.Like your friend or something yeah?ok.
Ps if you haven't read the first part of this please click on this link ,thank you! PART 1

Do not over commit yourself
Now when i say do not over commit yourself,i'm not saying do not challenge yourself.What i'm saying is do not chew off more than you can bite.Don't take on more courses than you can handle and don't join too many clubs.I myself am in a bit of a pickle because i am involved in an immense number of things and i am clueless on what to drop and what not to.To be quite frank i want to be involved in all these things hence why i signed up for all of them in the first place.

Unfortunately it turned out that i  had not thought through these issues as keenly as i thought i had.Regardless,i still think its possible to manage multiple responsibilities.Just make sure you've thought keenly about them and planned yourself accordingly.Whatever you choose to do,make sure you want to do it.

If you want to survive in the big bad jungle that is university,you need to schedule every important event taking place in your crazy and hectic life (if you are anything like me).I'm talking assignments and when they are due,exam dates,school events you'll be attending,school trips,club meetings,personal trips with your friends or family,lunch dates...EVERYTHING!!!!!Otherwise you'll end up being pulled in so many directions that you'll end up exhausted and falling short of your full potential.Last semester i ended up neglecting my friends because i never blocked out time for them.I never planned myself accordingly and hence that part of my life ended up suffering.Therefore,invest in a planner and go crazy with it!

Develop a routine and stick to it.
Ok i know most of us HATE routines.But trust me,if you want to accomplish all your goals and stay on top of your game,you have to develop a routine.This is according to my experiences anyway.By developing a routine what you are innately doing is developing discipline.For example if you have a morning routine where you wake up at 5am,pray,do some exercises,take a shower,prepare breakfast,eat and go to wherever you have to go or do whatever you will then you make no room for bumming around.Because you know that you have things to do at a particular time and if you don't do them you're going to mess everything up.

As you keep repeating this routine,it becomes engraved into your system to the extent where even when you sleep late,by 5am you're awake and going about your routine because your body and yourself are already used to it.So give it a try and see what happens,if it doesn't work you can always throw that stinking routine into the dumpster!

Plan your morning or day the night before.
I learned this trick from the Productive Muslim e-book which i will link here and you can download it for free because it is amazing!Plan your day before you go to bed.You know when you wake up all groggy and you have that 'just got run over by a truck' feeling and the alarm is going off but you just keep on snoozing until you realize uh oh,two hours late?

Well by planning your day the night before,you are kind of registering the fact that you have all these things you need to do so when the alarm goes off,you can't really afford to push that snooze button because you remember that you have a test to study for,you have a tournament coming up,you have to shop for your friends wedding, so snoozing really isn't an option.

Another trick you could use is to find incentives.Something that will give you that excitement to wake up in the morning.It could be finishing the Surah you've been reading, your favorite show,jogging with your best friend or even an event that could be taking place on that day.You know what it is.I need not say anymore.

Plan your outfits the night before.
If you can plan your outfits for the whole week,please just do it.Please.Because i can tell you from experience,there are going to be days when you look like you just rolled out of bed,got hit by a bus,trampled over by a stampede and somehow ended up in a classroom.And quite frankly its going to affect how you feel and how you interact with other people of the earth.Doing this once in a while, that's ok.But If you do this enough times and you reach that optimum level where you just don't give a flying whisk anymore,slap yourself back to reality because YOU DON'T WANT THAT!

I know we shouldn't care about what other people think,but that's only if you are doing something sane like chasing your dream or something.Looking well groomed is important because it will definitely affect how your friends see you,your lecturers,even random people you don't even know.As a Muslim,cleanliness and being immaculate should be part of you.Yes,lazy days are allowed,but they don't come everyday.That's why they are called 'lazy days' in the first place.

Budget your money.
Learn to budget your money or else you will be broke forever!!!!Okay maybe that was slightly exaggerated, but most of your time,you will be broke, which is one of the worst things that can happen to you.Because then you'll have to keep asking people for money and hence end up earning the  label 'leech' or 'parasite' and trust me no one likes a friend who is constantly asking for money.The solution is actually quite simple.The key is to honestly put your needs before your wants.Do you need it or do you want it?That is the million dollar question.And be honest with yourself!

Learn to say NO!
Learn to say no.Learn to accept the fact that it's okay to say no.When appropriate of course.Peer pressure becomes extra apparent and almost unavoidable in college so you also have to be really careful about who you hang out with.Don't be afraid to say to no parties or weird experiments lest you lose your friends. Because if they truly are your friends,they'll respect your values and how you choose to live your life.

Be around people who make you uncomfortable. (the good kind)
If you are only associating yourself with people are doing more to encourage your comfort zone than to challenge you,then you are definitely  associating yourself with the wrong crowd.Be around people who make you uncomfortable in the sense that they challenge you to try new positive things.They help you become a better person in every aspect of your life and help you be the best you can be.

You are not your grades.
I know,the pressure of getting good grades can be paralyzing.But you need to keep in mind that you are not your grades.You are who you want to be.So if your grades aren't looking so good,there's always hope.You can change them up.You can make them better.It's going to be hard.So hard.But you can do it.Trust me.

Be who you want to be.
Do you.Whoever that  person is.Don't feel the need to conform to whatever everyone is doing because if you do things for the sake of it,you'll definitely regret it.Don't be afraid to pray in an open area because people will see you.Don't be afraid to meet new people and don't be afraid to be alone if you don't find people who complement you.

Those four years are a time for you to discover who you are and what you want to do with your life, if you don't already know.You are going to experience some of the best moments of your life and also some of the worst.But you're also going to learn and grow.So hold fast to the deen and make loads of dua and in shaa allah you'll have a blast.And even if you slip,remember the doors  of tawbah and second chances are always open if you still have breathe in you.So go forth,trust Allah (sw) and stay true.

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