Sunday, January 4, 2015

7 Confessions featuring Versatile Blogger Award!!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuhu!
Ssup my awesome Readers!

This time,i come to you with 7 Confessions.7 heartfelt confessions that you guys have never known about!Yay right?Courtesy of my lovely sweetheart at Nahye's Land who nominated me for the Versatile blogger Award!Thank you Nahye!Therefore if you have not checked out her blog yet...Booooooo!Now what are you waiting for?Go!

Wait!Read this post first,then go.Okay cool.

Okay so how this is meant to go down is i'm suppose to spill 7 facts about myself and then nominate 15 other blogs to do the same.Hence i figured i would give 7 confessions instead of just random facts just to keep things a little bit more interesting  (Ps. i don't even know if that's allowed because i think i just changed went against the rules, but i'm going to do it anyways for you guys).
For the 15 blogs,i don't think i can hit that number but i'll try my best.Let's begin shall we!

  • When i was in Primary school, i was such a book worm that i only realized i had absolutely zero friends after i was done with my KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education which is a National examination you do in order to graduate to Secondary school).My nose was always in a text book reading so that i could get into a good secondary school.For 2 years,that had preety much been the purpose of my life because when it came to taking time out to play or spend time with the other kids,i was a complete no show!I became so bored after graduating i started going through my past examination papers!Isn't that like one of the saddest things you've ever heard of?I definitely deserve a sadness nap for this.I mean seriously even loners have other loner friends to hang out with.AND THEY'RE LONERS!

  • Don't let the fact that i have a blog fool you.I am terrified of sharing my content with the people of the earth.I mean when i write, i pour my heart and soul into it.Which basically makes me feel naked and vulnerable to my readers.And that is friggin terrifying!And it is for this same reason that i want people to love what i write.To love and appreciate my content because that's kind of who i am.And kind of how i feel.But not everyone will like you.Not everyone will appreciate your work.And that's okay.

  • Cinderella (1950) has always been my favorite Disney fairytale.Everything about it just makes me feel all tingly inside.From Cinderella herself,to the glass slipper, to the Prince,to the fairy godmother,to the talking mice that are so cute even though they aren't as cute in reality because at the end of the day they're still mice.I mean even the evil step sisters make me laugh.The evil stepmother though...not so much a fan of.I don't know why but the whole story is just fascinating to me though i hear Disney's version is not the original story.Either way i still luff it!

  • I LOVE TO SING!So much so that i love reading the Qura'n aloud because i get to hear how beautiful it sounds which just makes me want to read even more!lol vain much?Sources say i'm also not that suckish when i'm singing so there you go!Beat that Beyonce!Ha!

  • I have had body issues since i was a child, when people (especially family members unfortunately) would point out my flaws and constantly remind me of how i'm too skinny,i need to grow fat...blah blah blah.As you guys may know,in Africa it is the norm to be full figured or curvy.So for me who isn't on that full figured side, i was constantly subjected to really hurtful comments that affected my self esteem,until about two years ago when i fully embraced my body and haven't looked back since.I mean Allah (sw) made only one me and Allah (sw) never makes mistakes.All of His (sw) creation is perfection.So for anyone going through the same thing,learn to love yourself.No one else is going to show you the love that you can and need to show yourself.If you are happy with yourself,other people will be too.Heck people will even start to envy you!So do you boo!

  • I.laugh.ALOT!Even when things aren't funny!I laugh when things are weird,people are creepy,awkward situations...people think i'm weird because of this, and some people have also given me the occasional 'are you high?' but i just can't help myself!!!!!!Laughter makes me all fuzzy inside!Ps.If you ask me,drugs are not necessary in anyone's life but hey,its a free world.They will kill you doe. #JustSaying Moving on swiftly...

  • I love my readers!!So much!!No matter how few you may be!For sure though.It's just so rewarding to know that someone out there reads your work and even takes the time to leave a comment or share or whatever,and actually benefits from your words.To me it's not really about numbers (which are still important) but about building relationships with your readers,improving your writing and reaching out,sharing your content because you have something valuable to offer.It's about impact,so i'm super uber grateful to u guys and i hope you enjoyed my 7 confessions!
And the lovely blogs i am nominating are:

Hope you ladies enjoy doing this tag as much as i did!Salaam!


  1. Thank you for the nomination! I gladly accept! Your blog is amazing btw ;)

    1. Thank you so much!I can't wait to read your post!xoxo
      Jazakillah khayr hun!

  2. Oh My Goood!! You're so funny :') !! I wanna meet you so baaad!! haha...ok so first I felt like reading myself when you were talking about how you're family constantly remind you of how skinny u are, it's the same thing for arabs lol, but Al hamdulilallah he created us(human) perfect :) . My favorite Disney movie is Mulan tho, like I loooove love love it soo much! And as a kid and even as a young teenager I prefered to stay at home and read a good book than go outside and u know do stuff....and now it's still the same but I'll spend my time on the internet lol.
    Thank u sister for these facts :) and may Allah protect you
    Take care xoxo

    1. O em geee!Nahye your comment has!!!Iloool!Us skinny girls need to stick together u know :p I love Mulan too!!!Cinderella,Mulan and Pocahontas are movies i can never get tired of watching.You should see me singing along to the songs,i fear for my husband lol.Don't you worry tho when we meet in shaa allah, we gonna have the most awesome slumber party in the history of awesome slumber parties!HISTORY WILL REMEMBER US!

      lol i'm crazy huh :p xoxo

  3. I've just read your 7 confessions and thank you so much for nominating me as one of them! :) ps: you have a beautiful soul and may Allah bless you always sister! <3

    1. Awwh you are so sweet Hidaya!And you are so welcome! May Allah SW bless,guide,protect and keep you on the straight path!Ameen! :-* xoxo!

  4. Salaam, my awesome sista, tanx for the nomination its my pleasure. Eemm Do i also write my confession ? Or fact about me, by the way i enjoy reading your confessions. Xoxo

    1. Assalam Aleykum Khyra!I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post!You can do whatever you wish lol no limitations whatsoever!enjoy! xoxo

  5. Salaam Maryam!

    Can't believe I'm just reading this! Where have I been?? I literally can't believe how much we have in common. The fact about "body issues" hits so close to home. I've had people teasing me about being 'too skinny', and even some family members dropping hints about me not being big enough. I just naturally don't put on weight, regardless of what I do...and I was actually quite happy with my body until I started getting those kind of comments. Sigh. Alhamdulillah, I've gotten past that now and as you said... all that matters is that you love yourself.

    Other than that, I'm exactly the same when it comes to numbers 1,2 and 6. And masha Allah for #3...I'm sure you have a beautiful voice. It was lovely reading these facts about you, so thank you for sharing! Also, thank you for the nomination :-) ... I'll get on it very soon insha Allah! xx

    Rukaiya | Muslim in the Big City