Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hiking the Aberdares.

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh
Hellow everyone!

Early this August, I was fortunate enough to go for a three day hike to the Aberdares. The Aberdare Range is a 160 km long mountain range of upland, north of Kenya's capital Nairobi with an average elevation of 3,500 metres. I went as part of my Uni's President’s Award Club, which is a  worldwide youth award program so you probably have it in your Uni.In other countries it is known as the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Young people go for various physical expeditions and earn awards through successfully partaking in these activities. There are also aspects of social work and skills but that is not our concern today. This was our pre-gold expedition which is meant to prepare us for the gold expedition next semester in shaa Allah, which will be five days of hiking Mount Kenya.WOOO!WHO WANTS TO COME WITH!!

Although this was a three day hike, we only hiked for a day and a half because the first day we were so frigging late when departing from school that we arrived at the campsite at around 7 a.m!!Talk about African timing!Anyway, the first day literally flew by.However the second day is when the hike actually began.We hiked for about 13 kilometres which is usually the distance we go for per day.In the beginning, there was not much to complain about really.We were literally enjoying the scenery.

That was until we got to this ‘Valley of Death’ situation. This place was extremely steep, and when I say steep guys I mean 100% steep.Well not really 100% because that would make it a wall…but you all get the point.

The squad contemplates on how to manage the 'Valley of Death' situation.

See how steep it was?

It's now or never

It was actually quite fun :)

We thought we were in the clear only to find that there were three more of these valleys to deal with.Aiyaya.

So the struggle continued.

 Furthermore, on one side of the ‘Valley of Death’ was an electric fence and on the other was a bunch of fiercely thorny bushes. So basically our assessors (who are the people in charge of assessing how well we do during these expeditions and they also establish what routes and paths we take during the hike) decided  that we either die from being electrocuted or getting pricked to death. Great .All the while I’m just standing there like

To add on to that,the assessors kept on telling us how they wanted it to rain so that we could literally drown in our suffering. Me:

Mark you that the assessors do not use the same route as the students. They know all the shortcuts and where the all easy paths are as we struggle to find our way to the camp site, or else we sleep in the woods.LOL.But you know me,live and let live!!!
So we took the road less travelled,literally and oh my goodness, BEST PART OF THE HIKE!!!!!It was so thrilling Subhanallah.I actually got zapped by the electric fence once because the wire was intertwined with one that was not electric so you had to be careful so as to hold on to the right wire.Otherwise without holding on you just die lol.

All in all I definitely loved the whole experience and had so much fun! I personally love the outdoors, I love trying out new things and even though walking until your head starts spinning doesn’t seem like the best idea for fun, it is definitely worth the experience. I didn’t take as many photos this time as compared to last time, that is the Machakos hike that I mentioned in my Terrific 2014 post, only because I was too busy vlogging lol!Atleast before my battery died.I will do my best to edit it in good time in shaa Allah and post it up.I’m actually really excited  to see how it turns out.So I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave me a comment because the sky is blue and baby monkeys are adorable!  K bye!

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