Wednesday, August 12, 2015

July Favourites!!!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!

 Hey Guys!
July was definitely a busy,busy month for me.However it did come with loads of goodies and so in this post I will be sharing with you everything I loved in July,starting with…
Beauty Products
Dream Chiffon Body Splash

Bought at ksh100 at one of  the whole sale jewellery shops opposite Ambassador building ( sorry i forgot the name of the shop)

I’ve never really been a fan of body splashes, simply  because I always felt like someone just made a mixture of some flowers and some water, the same way we used to DIY perfumes when we were younger. However, I decided to give them a try by purchasing one for the hike I went for  early  this August. I wanted a travel size spray and had come across some stores just opposite Ambassodor building that sell them for such affordable prices that I just couldn’t help myself! Furthermore, the scent of this spray is simply heaven in a bottle. I mean it just smells like a dreamy chiffon!!DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT SMELLS LIKE?!Even my friends were envious and everyone who got a whiff of it mentioned that this splash was definitely on their next beauty list.

Iranian Hair Oil

My mom actually brought this oil for me from Mombasa when she came to Nairobi to spend  Ramadhan  and Eid with the family. She got it at the Iranian exhibition and I have no idea what it’s called but the Arabic words on it read…At first I was not sold on it because I was very attached to my DIY hair oil, but after a while it just grew on me.Its Jasmine scent  keeps you wanting more and the consistency is just perfect. Neither too runny nor too thick.Not to mention it leaves your hair feeling healthy and shiny which is always a plus.

Princess Ring

This ring has been my go to jewelry item this month.Actually my only jewelry item this month. I’ve had it for quite a while but this month, I have no idea what happened.I suddenly began seeing it in a new light. It’s so simple but still has that je ne se qua aspect to it. Ps. I stole it from my mom hehe.

New Qur'ans!

Ok,so  normally on Eid, we just get money as a form of an Eid gift. However  I didn’t get much this time  but Alhamdulillah I got loads of amazing gifts. These two Qur’ans included.

This first one is the English meanings and notes by Saheeh International which I had been drooling over for quite a while. For those who follow me on twitter you probably have seen these already.I was listening to a lecture by Mufti Menk and he happened to mention that the Qur’an translation by Saheeh International was the best because it used the simplest language. Ever since then I have been racking my brains as to where and how I was going to get it and viola! My Uncle gifted it to me for Eid! You can only imagine how stoked I was.

The second Qur’an I actually asked for. I wanted a travel size one because I already have a similar size to this one but this is what I got and I am still very grateful for it. I requested for this particular Qur’an because it has the Arabic text, the English translation and the Roman transliteration which is extremely helpful to me as I am not very fluent in Arabic and the transliteration just makes things much more easier for me when reading the Qur’an.

Techy Goodies

Point and Shoot Panasonic Lumix

For those who read my blog, you are probably aware of the fact that last year during the Cultural festival, I got pick-pocketed  and lost my camera.My beloved.But Subhanallah never did I think that a few months later (a few miserable months without my camera),I would have a new point and shoot.It’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS35 and I absolutely love it! 

SLR FujiFilm Finepix slr4300

Lo and behold,I have an SLR!Who would’ve thought!Well actually it belongs to my cousin hehe I’m just borrowing it for the time being.I’m not even sure if this is actually an SLR,personally I think it is,however,it does not have an interchangeable lens,so that’s a bummer.However I still love it and used it to take photos and to vlog during the hike.I’m not going to delve much into the cameras I use because I’m planning to do a different post on them in shaa Allah.

Samsung S4 mini

Ok,again.Those who read my blog would know that I lost two freaking phones in a span of two months.TWO MONTHS!!!!!Alhamdulillah I now have a Samsung mini which was part of my Eid gifts, of which I am extremely grateful and content with.For now at least hehe.

#TeamAndroid :P

Pineng portable Charger (Universal USB Backup Power)

Another Eid gift.However I did ask for it because I desperately needed one.I was surviving on my Blackberry and for those who have experienced BB’s you all know how real the battery struggle is.Plus it is so efficient and the design is just adorable. It even comes with a flashlight and can aslo be used to charge your digital camera, iPads and ipods!BONUS!


Brother Suhaib Webb

I recently stumbled upon Brother Suhaib Webb’s channel and I fell in love with  the Ramadhan Reflections series.I shared the first episode on my Facebook page during Ramadhan because I just find it so real and relatable!!!We definitely need more of such content.May Allah sw reward him immensely for this.  

I was actually introduced to this channel through her College Horror story which was just calling me to click on it by the Youtube sidebar and I was instantly sold.So thank you Youtube Sidebar. This girl is flippin hilarious and her videos are on fleek!Definitely check her out.




When I heard about this movie I just figured it was going to be another one of those cliches that butchers my favourite Disney movie, but. WOW.THIS MOVIE IS FLAWLESS I CAN’T EVEN DEAL! From the casting, to the story line, to the tracks, TO THE DRESS!Oh my goodness that blue dress, i want to be best friends with that dress.Everything was just beautifully done.

They also tried to maintain the main aspects from the original which I thought was very creative of them.It therefore still has that old school feel but with a modern twist. Furthermore it answers so many questions that I had before, like why did Cinderella stay with her evil step family when she could’ve left? Why did she allow them to treat her so badly? How is it that they were not able to recognize her at the ball and most importantly, how is it that the glass slipper only fit her out of all the maidens in the kingdom?HUH?
Swear down if this was an exam I’d get an A+++.And another +.

If I Stay
This movie,is literally life.I saw the trailer for this movie about a year ago I think and I wrote it down on my phone so that I would remember to get it. Yes, a year later I finally got around to it. And may i just I say,based on the novel by Gayle Forman, this movie had me hooked from the beginning to the end!I believe I cried like 80% of the movie but that’s normal for me I’m so emotional lol.I'm not really sure if i'm going to read the book because when i watch a movie before reading the book, i tend to lose the enthusiasm to read it. And when i read the book before watching the movie, i always feel like the movie tends to be pathetic even when it is super awesome because it never lives up to my expectations.Anyway, this is definitely going into my favourites list.


SPOILER ALERT: The ending is absolutely horrible.Just so you know.Although word is, there is a part 2 coming out...we'll see.

So that’s all the stuff I loved in July!I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Leave me a comment because comments make me happy and butterflies are preety.K bye!