Monday, September 14, 2015

My Beauty Bag Essentials!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!
Hey Guys!

Today I present to you my beauty bag essentials. I would call this my makeup bag but I don't think it qualifies as one, for the simple reason that there is not much makeup-tivity going on here really.
Furthermore , I am quite clueless when it comes to makeup. I’m basically that girl whose idea of makeup is a dash of eye pencil, some mascara and some lip gloss or lip balm, and that’s when I’m feeling sassy. Is that make up? I don’t know. Anyway. When it’s a basic roll out of bed day, I go for some eye pencil and lip balm or just bare faced. Clearly I am not a makeup guru. But I’m learning. On special occasions, I like to think that I turn up. However for now I think I’ll stick to my beauty bag essentials.

  First off: My Dream Chiffon body Spray.
You probably saw this in my favourites post where I drooled over how amazing the scent is. Well let me say that it knocked the socks off my feet to the point where I actually carry it with me every day. Everywhere I go. All the time.

 Midnight Pomegranate hand lotion.
This hand lotion…is life!!! I always carry hand lotion with me because my hands get extremely dry for some reason.I mean even my brother's hands aren't as tough and he does all sorts of hard labour lol. Regardless,I don’t want to leave home or wherever looking all ashy and what not. Moreover, the scent is completely breathtaking and it comes at a very affordable price.

Compact Mirror
If it were up to me, all girls would carry mirrors in their bags. Why? Because you just never know when things are going to happen that will require you to have a mirror! Like when your hijab decides to have a life of its own and give you an attitude, so you end up looking like your scarf is actually trying to strangle you into eternal frustration. You don’t want that. 
I’ve actually had this mirror for ages. Fun fact: I stole it from my cousin lol who bought it at Beauty Cosmetics. When I think about it I actually have a lot of stolen stuff. Hmm.

Nivea Vaseline and Lip Balm
I absolutely love the Nivea essential care balm. It leaves your lips extremely supple and gives that glossy sleek finish. Before I apply my lip balm I like to apply some Vaseline first just to give it a smoother base because it’s usually too solid for me especially with the cold Nairobi weather.But when I’m in Mombasa, the hot weather usually melts down the lip balm to a standard where I don’t need to apply the Vaseline as a base. Bonus, it has this really subtle amazing scent that completely seals the deal.
Twilight Woods Hand Sanitizer.
I don’t know about you, but I definitely need a hand sanitizer in my life. At all times.And what better one to get than this body luxuries brand ‘Twilight Woods’ which has an amazing scent and comes at a great price!I mean scent is everything to me guys.

Sleek Shimmer Glaze Gloss
I’ve had this gloss since high school.Not even joking there lol. I use the applicator from the empty lip gloss next to it to apply my shimmer gloss because touching it with my finger is just a no considering how sticky and ooey gooey it is. And did I tell you that it smells like toffee? I mean how awesome is that?

Wet and Dry wipes.
Finally, I always make a point of having wet and dry tissues because you never know if you're going to spill something or just need to tidy up.



My Beauty bag is thrifted. Just in case anyone was wondering.

 Beauty posts are not really my cup of tea but I'm stepping out of my comfort zone!I hope you enjoyed this as much as i did! xoxo

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