Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September Thrift Finds.

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuhu!
Hey Guys.

I love thrifting.I think that's pretty clear by now.And i don't see anything wrong with it.If i can save a few shillings here and there and still get what i want,Alhamdulillah why the hell not.If i could, i would do it more often because for some reason, i always seem to need something.Furthermore,there are so many hidden treasures to find.To me, thrifting is a lot like treasure hunting.You just never know what kind of gems you'll find if you dig deep enough.

Around end of August to September i found these cute cardigan tops at Toi market, all for such affordable prices!I loved the fact that they weren't so thick because i was planning on wearing the plain ones over my abaya, and the striped one as a normal top when i go home to the coast (where it is summer 24/7),  and quite frankly dying of heat is definitely not exciting. Most of them are high - low tops and have an oversize silhouette which makes them perfect for me because they give me more coverage and subtly cover up my body shape especially when i'm wearing my A-line abayas.In addition to that,they have such mild, pretty colours!They're definitely winning for me.

This one has this cute little slit at the back and the arms also add some flare to its simplicity.

Comment below which one was your favourite!Thank you for stopping by!