Saturday, February 20, 2016

22 Facts For Turning 22!!!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!
Hey Guys!!!

Oh.My.Goodness. I’m flippin’ twenty two years old guys! I actually turned this January so it’s been a minute. But yeah, does anyone else feel like the word ‘turning’ symbolizes something dark like vampirism or turning into a zombie or something, because I feel like it does. And it’s really weird. But what the heck I turned twenty two!!! I cannot believe the big two- two is here already and I’m not rich and famous yet… -_-.

Just kidding guys I’m not really about that life. Contrary to popular belief that girls don’t like to age or tend to lie about their age, I’m ready to shout it at the top of my lungs; I’m twenty two years old!
I know, my persona sounds like someone who’s younger right? Most people don’t even believe that I’m past the adult adolescent bracket, but yes I am. I’m so grateful Alhamdulillah, I know there are so many people who did not get to see 22 and I am among those who were blessed enough to get here, and that’s something I definitely do not take for granted. Also I genuinely love my life and how everything has turned out so far, and I’m also grateful for that! Therefore, to commemorate this glorious moment, I decided to do a 22 facts about me tag! Sort of, it’s all basically 22 things about me that you guys may or may not know. Hope you enjoy!

1. I’m 5’6 I think. I could be 5’7, or 8…I’m not really sure because I’ve never really had my height measured, is that weird? I know my mom is 5’9 and I’m shorter than her so…yeah. Anyway I’m a tall girl that’s all you need to know.

2. My ethnicity is half Giriama and half Nubian. My mother is Nubian and my father is Giriama. Giriama is a native tribe in the coast of Kenya and the Nubians of Kenya are originally from Sudan. The Nubians in Kenya were brought here by the British to fight against the natives who were rising against them.

3. I live in Kenya. Born and raised in Mombasa…Mombasa hoyeee! Moved to Nairobi for high school and then again for Uni, so I’ve basically been in Nairobi since I was 13 but I’ve been going back home for the holidays.

4. I’m still deliberating whether I should go back to Mombasa after Uni or if I should stay in Nairobi. I used to loathe Nairobi with utmost passion, but all this time spent here has made me fall in love with it. However my mom is in Mombasa, and she legit wants me to go back home because she feels that she pushed me out of the house too early. But you know how parents are, she won’t admit that she misses me but claims its time for me to learn my ‘wifely’ duties so; I need to go back home.

5. My mom is the love of my life. I don’t even think she knows that. The woman doesn’t even read my blog though! Anyway, Mombasa is also bae.

6. I want to be married in the next three years in shaa Allah. To who though, the air?

7.  I am an extremely social person, I could have a killer conversation with a random stranger in the street anytime, anywhere; which is why most people think I have like 10 million friends but in reality I keep an extremely small circle of friends.

8. I am learning to get over my trust issues.

9. I have two best friends Alhamdulillah. Tamimah, who is studying in Sudan and Latifah who has a blog, check it out here!!!

10.I really want to start a Youtube channel, but I’m still learning so much from my blog, which I feel is still a work in progress even after all this time. But also, i don't want to just start a channel for the sake of it, because there are a lot of youtubers who are just on there doing some dumb shit, ignorant of the potential they have to make the world a better place. They have all this fame and influence know what i'm not even going to get started on this.

11. I love film making. I love the whole process; from scripting to filming to editing. I plan on sharing some of the work I’ve done for class once I set up my channel in shaa Allah.  

12. I LOVE singing. The louder the better.

13.I have great taste in music. Anyone who dismisses that is senile. Period.

14. My voice projection is naturally loud and so I tend to be loud in places where I shouldn’t be. I know how to whisper though! At least I think I do.

15.I’m not big on make up so I rarely wear lipstick. But when I do, it’s black. LOVE black lippie.

16. Most people’s dream destinations tend to be in Europe and the US but for me, I want to travel around Africa first. Especially North and West Africa, like I just can’t wait!!In shaa Allah. After that we can take on the rest of the world! My dreams are valid people!!!

17. I have the intention of going for exchange to Tanzania after graduation in shaa Allah!!Hope everything goes as planned!

18. Currently reading the Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. This book is just whoa.

19.I’m that girl who will always go crazy over cute stationery.

20. I’m that girl who will end up being a grandma who still watches cartoons. Swag.

21.I am currently transitioning to minimalism in an attempt to organize my life and practice the sunnah (the way) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).In case you didn’t know, he (SAW) was a minimalist!

22. I firmly believe that anyone can achieve great things if they just believe in themselves, put in the work and trust in Allah (sw).

And that’s a wrap guys, I really hope you enjoyed my 22 facts as much as I enjoyed my birthday! It’s been quite a while since I actually had a thing on my birthday; usually it’s just another normal day. Anyway enough of my rambling, is it your birthday too? Happy birthday!