Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July Thrift Finds!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!
Peace be upon you!

Hey Guys!I hope you are all doing extra extra!Yes, alhamdulillah i'm back from Ethiopia and it was AWESOME!However i'm glad to be back home.I'm planning on sharing my experience later on in shaa Allah simply because as of now i am super busy and i can not keep up with posts that take up a tad bit of time, hence why i'm doing more of fashion and beauty posts which i feel are much easier, as you don't really need to sit down and think of coherent content to put out; you basically share your thoughts on the item or product of choice and move on to the next one.

Furthermore, i have actually missed doing beauty and fashion post and had forgotten how much i enjoy them, so i presume this is a win for everyone.This post is going to be my July Thrift finds.I would also like to point out that i edited my last post, where i had completely forgotten to include the prices and where i got the stuff from.Thank you so much to the person who reminded me and  if anyone else is interested, go ahead and click here!

The Tech Bag
The first item i have is this simple brown pouch that i actually purchased for my Ethiopia trip, to serve as a bag for my tech gear.It's material is really sturdy and strong and thus suitable for all my different wires and chargers.The size is also quite friendly because even after i put all my gadgets in i still had a tad bit of room left.And trust me guys i have a lot of tech gear to store so i'm pretty sure this will suite your tech needs if ever you are interested.

Bought at: Street Vendor along Moi Avenue // Price: Ksh 200

Hater Blockers
Next up are my ever so gorgeous hater blockers that i am totally digging. This is actually the only pair of sunnies i currently own :O i know, but i'm excited to build up a mini collection of cute, gorgeous looking shades.And there i was thinking i was a minimalist lol.

Bought at: Stall around Koja // Price: Ksh 250

Wrist Cuffs
These two bangles are not thrifted but i decided to put them in here because i forgot to include them in my current favourites post. They are designed as a nail going around the wrist which i thought to be quite creative.I love how simplistic they are, at the same time they radiate an intricate feel to them.They were an Eid gift from Mum but i know she got them from a store in Mombasa.They come in a pair of silver and gold shade.

Gift from Mama!
Tick Tock
This watch is definitely bae.It is so so gorgeous and makes my hand look extra flawless!I love love loveee it!

Bought at: Street Vendor opposite Tuskys Beba Beba // Price: Ksh 200

The Leather Bag
My main reason for purchasing this bag was to use it as a toiletries bag for my Ethiopia trip.It's big enough for all my beauty products ( in travel size bottles) and the design is so edgy you would not even think of it as a toiletries bag!(excuse the creases guys it was all cooped up in some corner of my suitcase).
I was however a little bit concerned about the zipper because i was not sure it would hold everything in but it proved me wrong...yaay!The zipper also goes all the way to the bottom right of the pouch and not just the top alone which i thought was a great extension because i was able to organize everything inside quite easily. It also has extra compartments inside and an extra zipper on the outside.
The truth is in the details people!

Bought at: Toi Market // Price: Ksh 100

The Pink Poncho
Honsetly guys i'm not even sure what colour this poncho is.It's sort of in the middle between some type of beige and some shade of  baby pink.I was actually looking for a poncho i could wear over my abaya because Nairobi has been so extra with the cold weather lately.However i ended up finding this one an simply fell in love with it.Like i said, the truth is in the details people!

Bought at: Toi Market // Price: Ksh 300
Cumulative Price: Ksh 1,050

I hope you all enjoyed checking out my July thrifties!Share your thoughts with me in the comments or any of my socials because i love hearing from you guys!Bye! 


  1. Oh very cute items darling!


  2. Your poncho looks like a dusky pink, maybe? It is gorgeous nonetheless, mashallah.

    I look forward to seeing your post on Ethiopia!