Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chopping money in Ethiopia's Shola Market!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh
Hello my lovelies!


Ok, this is LONG overdue but it's finally here!Well, the haul is lol. The main post about my trip to Ethiopia will be up on Sunday In shaa Allah because I wanted it to go up with the vlog which is not ready yet, haha classic Kadzo. Nevertheless, Ethiopia is honestly such an amazing country and the people are extremely friendly!I happened to be there for only a week, and I went as part of my field studies class hence there wasn't much time to sight see or shop, seeing as the whole period was spent moving from one institution to the next and from one conference hall to the other. However I simply could not leave without bagging atleast one or two things. To be precise, I only got two items for myself and gifted the rest  to family and friends. Can you believe that? 

Some of the items I got are not included in this haul because I gave them away to the owners before taking photos of them. I don't know how that happened though, I guess I had to many issues swarming my brain to take note of that. Nevertheless I simply wanted you to know that Ethiopia has such exquisite and amazing cultural items, from attire to fabrics to accessories and ornaments. My haul doesn't even come close to doing justice all that Ethiopia has to offer.Also because of time, I only managed to visit one market place which was Shola market, hence where all of these items are from. Some of my classmates managed to go to Mercato which is reputed to be the largest market in Africa, however Shola market holds it's own unique charm despite not being as large as Mercato.

The first item I got is this beautiful tote style bag. It comes with a scarf which seems to me like the equivalent of the pom pom handbag accessories that are quite popular right now. The scarf adds a subtle edge to the bag and the simplicity of the print definitely adds to it's vibrancy. This picture honestly does not do the fabric justice because the camel nude fabric is actually woven together with a thin glitter like string which gives the bag a unique sense of intricacy. I mean who doesn't want a cultural tote that glitters? This bag is perfect for casual wear and can even double as a trendy college tote too!
Price: 100birr = Ksh. 500

The next item I bagged was this dress shirt which is made from the same fabric as the bag, although the bag is lined with a much stronger fabric in it's interior. The fabric isn't that heavy so it's also suitable for the hot weather. What drew me to this shirt was definitely the detail in the pattern that dominates it's  front and bottom. It also comes with a scarf which is always a bonus for a hijabi. Now that I think about it, most of the female cultural garments mostly come with a scarf. Actually two scarfs, a neck scarf and and a head scarf.

Price: 200birr = Ksh. 1000

Which then brings me to these two scarfs that I gifted my two bff's who are both hijabis. And as a hijabi, I feel like one can never have too many scarfs. Especially when they have such beautiful prints that will be unique to you and only you.

Price: 150birr each = Ksh 750

Here we have another dress shirt whose prints absolutely captured my soul. Ethiopia is actually quite known for the Rasta colours (green,yellow and red), I believe the colours have a symbolism in Ethiopia's history, however I'm not really sure what the colours are about so I definitely could be wrong. Nevertheless, the colours on this shirt seem to beautifully agree with each other and the Rasta colours add a vibrant pop of colour against the browns. The shirts also come with a waist tie/ belt so you can fit it to your size.

Price: 200birr = Ksh1000

This dress is actually the first item I got  for myself. I'm not sure if I should call it a dress but it basically runs all the way to my toes and is sewn in the Swahili Dera / Kanzu style. I especially loved it because it's an easy wear and so you don't have to look for different pieces to match it with. It also comes with a scarf so I guess I'm set for the next cultural event I'll be attending In shaa Allah :P

Price: 300birr = Ksh 1500

While shopping in Shola, I was keen to buy items that were unique and native to Ethiopia. They honestly have sneakers to die for, from Addidas to Nike to Jordans! And let's just say it was taking everything I had in me not to spend all my money on sneakers because I could easily find sneakers in Kenya, and the price at Shola was only 200 to 500 shillings cheaper compared to sneakers in Kenya. However when I stepped into the handbag lanes, I was astonished. Utterly astonished. They have the cutest handbags ever at such affordable prices compared to Kenya! A bag such as this I reckon would go for about Ksh 3000 to Ksh 4000 in Kenya, whereas I got this for 350birr which is equivalent to Ksh. 1750 lol.

Ignore the creasing lol I had to find a way to make it fit into my already over packed bag because I did not include shopping into the suitcase size equation. I know, hella dumb.


I actually saw this bag from a distance and completely fell in love. First of all, can we take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous grey tone!I mean c'mon! Next up was it's Celine inspired design (I think that's what it is) with the flaps coming out of the sides. I have been searching all over for this design but to no avail, either it's too expensive or not even worth my money. In all honesty I'm not really big on brands, if I like something I go for it, brand or no brand. But ofcourse you pay more attention to an item if it's a brand yeah.
But here's the thing, as a Uni student you're broke 75% of the time and you certainly can't afford to be buying 4000/5000 shilling bags on a whim.Unless you want to starve to death. Then as a graduate you're even more broke because you're actually expected to work for your money instead of simply being given by your parents or guardian. But hell you still  want need nice things!

So whenever I can bag something awesome like this and still save some cash I'm all for it. I absolutely LOVE this bag; I can dress it up or down, the colour is super versatile and the quality is fantastic.

That's it!I hope you guys enjoyed this haul. Let me know in the comments which item was your favourite. Also anyone who knows where I can get those cute pom pom accessories in Kenya I would really love one for this bag lol. As always, I love hearing from you guys!xoxo.


  1. Can't wait for the post about your trip to Ethiopia. Cool haul!


  2. I love these! And those fabrics in the beginning are just super gorgeous.

    Little Moon Elephanta