Sunday, September 11, 2016

Scents I've been Loving!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!
Hey Guys!

Every girl likes to be pampered and feel special; especially when Eid is tomorrow in shaa Allah!!And also when you are constantly on that hustle game, sometimes you simply need a chill day, a spa day.However, sometimes you can't rely on anyone else to grant you a spa day, you have to take it for yourself and create you own happiness. Amidst the stresses of everyday life, we need to learn to take time out, whether it be hanging out with some amazing people or indulging in some kick ass products. I rarely have beauty favourites but one thing I always try to maintain is to invest my money in products that make me feel really really good.And the beauty products I'll be sharing with you today, definitely serve that purpose.

Sweet Pea Mini Lotion
If I was to give this post a theme it would definitely be 'Heaven Scent' because all these products have AMA-ZING scents! I for one am a sucker for products with exquisite scents, I mean who isn't?This mini lotion was actually a purchase I made for my Ethiopia trip because of its travel mini size.I didn't go with any particular scent in mind, i just went to the shop with an open mind which turned out pretty well.

Bought at: Wholesale Beauty Stall opposite ambassodor (Dubois Street) // Price: Ksh 150
The lotion is quite light I have to say, which is okay if you fancy lotions with such consistency.However, I personally gravitate more towards really thick, creamy lotions that lather smoothly onto the skin. And so how I remedy this is to mix the lotion with some Ideal Glycerine which gives the lotion a nice creamy consistency.Problem solved!

 Double Effect Nivea Deo
This is actually a product that I used to use quite a bit  in high school if I remember correctly, but I didn't really pay any mind to it because God knows how much crap I was dealing with in high school, so deo's were the last thing on my mind.It was only because my mom used to get it for me and I honestly did not mind.However, I found myself being mire drawn to it so much more lately, I was into roll on's for a while but I lost interest in them so I decided to try the Nivea deo spray and so far, so good! It leaves you feeling refreshed the whole day especially with the Mombasa heat.

Ajmal Powder
I'm honestly not an adamant user of powder, however when my uncle gifted me with this powder I could not say no. smells super delicious!He brought it from Saudi as he works there but I bet you can get this in Eastleigh if you know where to look. 

Last time when I went home to Mombasa, I developed an irritation around my face especially on the spots where I sweat alot.I think my skin has adapted to the cool Nairobi weather to the point where my pores get confused when I go back to hot sunny weather Mombasa.On the bright side, I found that when I applied some Talcum powder it would remedy the situation so maybe this powder will suit me now that I'm back home in shaa Allah.

Carried Away Mini Body Splash
I've recently become such a huge fan of body splashes especially when I'm traveling.I also shared another favourite body splash in my 2015 July Favourites. If you haven't tried any splashes i totally recommend them.Although the scents are super amazing, I feel that they fade away pretty fast which I honestly don't mind because I actually have a liking for mild scents.

Mascara Mascara
No lie guys, there was a time when I thought mascara was unnecessary. I thought it didn't make any significant difference, but boy was I wrong!I forgot the actual mascara at my grandma's place so i decided to use the package it came in instead, which is somewhat similar to the actual mascara.My mom got me this mascara to try out and I think it does an absolute great job at giving you fuller and longer lashes. That is until you decide to make wudhu and end up looking like the Joker. And yet the packaging on the mascara says 'waterproof', I mean????? Why though? Still, I maintain that it's an awesome investment.

If you guys however have any recommendations for some legit waterproof mascaras please hit me up in the comment section or on my socials.Thanks!

Nabeel Perfume Spray
Finally I have this perfume spray that literally smells like udi.And i loovee udi!I know some people refer to it as Bukhoor or 'oud but in Swahili we call it udi which is basically a type of incense that is quite popular in the Muslim world, atleast it is in my head.It also reminds me of Eid for some reason which is great because Eid is right around the corner in shaa Allah. This spray was also a gift from my uncle along with the Ajmal Powder; it's so special to me to the point where I only use it on my praying mat, abayas and praying clothes.Otherwise no one else should touch it.I believe this can also be found in Eastliegh.

I really enjoyed sharing my current beauty favorites. For the mascara I'll post a picture of it on my Instagram so if you're interested make sure you follow me on there. As always I love hearing from you guys!Till next time in shaa Allah!Also, Eid Mubarak to all you lovelies!May Allah (Subhana Wat'ala) bless you all along with your families and may He protect and guide all of us and make us better Muslims.Allahumma Ameen! xoxo

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