Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What thrifting in August looked liked...

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!
Hello my people!

August was a fun filled month if I do say so myself, and you know what that equals shopping!Or maybe that only applies to me. Nevertheless, all the events that took place this past August warranted a tad bit of shopping. I did however purchase more make up items than anything else this August. I guess I finally admitted to myself that makeup and playing dress up is actually quite fun!Unfortunately my quick travels from Nairobi to Mombasa and the events building up to that had me all stressed out, and so i left all  the makeup items i had purchased back in Nairobi.Basically everything is still in the moving boxes, and so i will only be featuring three items in this post. Three items i absolutely love!!!

The first Item is this leather bag cross-body that I have been waiting for my whole life! For as long as I can remember i've been on the hunt for a messenger bag, i just didn't expect it to show up in cross body form. I'm still on the hunt for a messenger bag that comes in a much bigger size, atleast one i can use as an every day bag, however as of now i'm quite content with this one. What attracts me most to this bag is definitely the details it has going on. Lately buckles just seem to do it for me!

Bought at: Toi Market // Price: Ksh 150

This little cross body bag is so cute!In addition to that, the material it's made of is so soft and soothing to touch, I'm guessing it's some type of leather, though I could be wrong because I'm not very acquainted with my materials. And did i say buckles simply seem to be doing it for me lately?Because hello??? 
I however did purchase this for my younger cousin because the size is way too small for me. I mean I'm the type of girl who carries everything in her bag, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!Because you simply never know, you know? Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it...said every hoarder in the world.

Bought at: Pink Apparel // Price: Ksh 300

What girl doesn't like a good looking pair of heels? Better yet what girl doesn't like a good looking pair of heels at a bargained price? So there I was, planning to attend my graduation dinner and yet I hadn't found an outfit yet. Hence, I quickly made my way to Toi market and got me these gorgeous babies only to find a dress that did not match the shoes -_- ! Because I was extremely short on time, i decided to roll with the punches and do what i could, so although I wore different shoes to the dinner I still maintain that these shoes are absolutely stunning worth my three hundred bob!

Bought at: Toi Market // Price: Ksh 300

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!Drop a comment below letting me know which item was your favourite and as usual...I love hearing from you guys!xoxo


  1. such beautiful images!!!! I'm tempted to go to thrift store shopping when I'm back in london! lovely blog

    1. Thank you so much Farihah!!!Hehe happy thrifting and don't spend all your money!!!xoxo

  2. Cool sandals! Great photo!
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  3. Was waiting for the details about the book😐

    1. Awwh!I'm sorry hun!:P Ima do a book review or haul or something bookish just for you in shaa Allah! :)