Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Living the Life in Rwanda!!!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!
Hello from Rwanda!

In my last update post, I mentioned that I was in Rwanda, also if you’re following me on my social platforms then this is old news to you because It’s all I have been singing about lately. However what’s not old news is why exactly I’m in Rwanda and the details that surround me being here. As I write this post, I’m close to being 4 weeks old in Rwanda, I'm basically a local now, lol!!!

I arrived in Rwanda on the 3rd of November at around 1.45am,( I know, what a weird time to be travelling). I was nervous about this trip for the simple reason that this is the first time I’m travelling alone, to a foreign country where I don’t really know anyone nor do I even speak the language. Furthermore I’m staying here for over a month’s time, six weeks to be exact which is a long time for a first time solo traveler.So far however, I have loved my time in Rwanda.

The country is extremely clean compared to other African countries and not only in Kigali, but the rest of the provinces are also quite clean which I didn't not expect at all.The topography takes a normal bus ride to a whole new level with it's roller coaster like movements, seeing as Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills. To my surprise however, the roads in Rwanda are absolutely great!It's honestly baffling.
The landscape is quite divine and if I was to define the country with a colour, it would definitely be green. Green everywhere! Furthermore, I’ve learnt so much about myself already and have been challenged in ways I could not even imagine. I can’t believe I even thought of backing out of this trip because I was fearful of leaving what was familiar to me, however coming to Rwanda is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.

I came to Rwanda as an exchange participant / intern under AIESEC USIU. As an exchange participant, you get to choose the country you want to visit and pick out a project to take part in, from the projects run by AIESEC in that host country.I personally picked Rwanda, firstly because my mum was comfortable with it and she didn’t feel like it was too far away 😄😄😄, and secondly because I’ve studied so much about Rwanda in my classes and was curious as to what exactly Rwanda has to offer. For most people, all they know about Rwanda is the 1994 genocide, including Africans too. However, I wanted to have a first had experience with the country, to experience it’s people and culture and see how far it’s come from its 1994 history.

Granted, a lot of what Rwanda has to offer is overshadowed by its violent history, unfortunately, all people think of when they hear of Rwanda is the genocide. Hence I decided to take on the Explore Rwanda project not only because it entails film and photography which I love, but because I was eager to discover what kind of beauty lies in Rwanda. The project implores it’s participants to travel around Rwanda capturing it’s beauty and all that is has to offer, and marketing it to the rest of the world. And so that’s what I’ve been doing for the past three weeks in Rwanda, travelling around the different provinces and capturing all the green that is Rwanda.

There have been many challenges, as is with any journey; however I am so glad and grateful for this opportunity. So far I’ve met some AMAZING human beings, stepped out of my comfort zone, learnt a lot about myself and my surroundings and made some beautiful and lifelong memories. I am also very excited and eager to be sharing my experience with you guys, assuming I can get my painful internet situation under control.

As I go, I leave you with these gorgeous images of Kigali (the capital city of Rwanda and also the central province). Notice how clean this city is, I mean come on!!! On the day after my arrival, I was escorted to Kigali, where I got conned, but that’s a story for another day, and I managed to snap a few pictures along the way! Enjoy! And as always, I love hearing from you! Xoxo!


  1. Mariam you are amazing, i imagine if i wouldn't be in Rwanda and tried to oversees around,i might directly come and join you as well. this is Rwanda the world need to know and see by themselves. generalization is not great thing at all mostly for those who are able to conduct their own experiences. thank for supporting Rwanda and AIESEC in Musanze as well. we are proud of you.....keep it up Kadzo.

    1. Thank you so much Elyse!I appreciate the support and the warm welcome!

  2. Aw this place is so pretty, you're so lucky to be able to spend six weeks there! And you're spending Christmas there, I bet it'll be a lot warmer than where I am haha. I love travelling solo, but wow what a big step to solo travel for this long in a country you don't know the language or anything of. Well done girl, you should be proud!!

    Little Moon Elephant

  3. Awesome blog post!