Monday, November 21, 2016

My Ethiopia Vlog and how I almost got left behind!!!!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!
Hey you!

I am aware that this video post is long overdue, but I believe I explained everything in my previous post so there’s really no need to dwell in the past, right? Right. My Ethiopia trip happened way back in July and I remember expressing in one of my posts how I fearful I was that I was not going to make it to this trip, but Alhamdulillah I made it! I was travelling to Ethiopia as part of my field studies class, where as a student of International Relations (which was my major), one is required to take a field studies trip to a different country  or simply a different environment from what you’re normally accustomed to, to complement all the theory that is learnt in class. Hence all the ‘Conference Talks’ and official attire you shall be seeing in the vlog.

Now the reason I was apprehensive about this trip was due to the fact that I was yet to receive my passport and was running out of time.  Getting my passport was like an episode of a series of unfortunate events; with a happy ending of course. We were to leave for Ethiopia on the 11th of July which was a Monday, and I had been informed that I would receive my passport by Wednesday the 6th or latest Friday the 8th and boy was I excited! The previous Monday, I went over to Nyayo House (where passports are issued), to speak to the guy who was handling my case and make sure everything was going ok, also known as my passport guy. He assured me that I would get my passport in time for the trip and while I was there, I met a classmate of mine who was also hustling to get her passport. Her mother asked me to hook her up with my passport guy and I said absolutely! No man left behind.

Come Friday the 8th, and my friend receives her passport and I don’t. Can we simply take a moment to absorb the betrayal?  Meanwhile I’m thinking to myself, what the hell just happened because I’m about to shoot someone, I’m about to unleash my crazy upon this earth, seriously!

So there we were in class, discussing the details for our Monday trip, hands from fellow students flying up asking all manner of questions pertaining to the trip; a clear indication that everyone except for myself was going to be on that Kenya Airways flight. Meanwhile I’m quietly sitted in my loners’ corner contemplating of some witty excuses to spit out as to why I would not be travelling after being part of the organizing team. Oh my goodness, the humiliation;  and what of my grade, because not going means no grade right? Damn it.

I attempt to explain my situation to my lecturer and she replies with, ‘Kadzo if you’re not going for this trip best believe I’m not going either.”  What? Are you even allowed to say that?

So I get myself together with my ‘oh hell to the nawnaw’ attitude and talk to one of the students who was interning at Nyayo House, and who also brought the friend I helped her passport. She informs me that my documents came together with my friend’s documents; however she only received one passport to deliver, which wasn’t mine.

It’s now Friday night around nine, the class is over and we’re all heading home going to prepare for our Monday trip. I can feel the tears stinging the corners of my eyes at the possibility of being left behind, and once I get home, I completely lose it and simply cry my life away. You have no idea how eagerly I wanted to go for this trip. After crying, I actually felt much better and managed to get my shit together. I called up my fake ass passport guy (what kind of passport guy can’t give you your passport in time though?! Are you even a passport guy to begin with? UGH.), and he informs me that I would have my passport early Monday morning, the morning of the trip. I accept because what other choice do I have anyway? Thank God there were two flights, a morning and afternoon one. The students who had issues such as myself were immediately slotted into the afternoon flight which was at 2pm. This would give me enough time to get my passport and get to the airport in due time. Or so I thought.

Monday morning arrives and I am eager to get to Nyayo House. One of my best friends was staying over at my apartment and I couldn’t be more grateful for such an amazing friend at such dire times. She was literally my knight in shining armor. With everything set and the only thing left being my passport, we head out to Nyayo House. By 8am, we had beat the vicious Nairobi traffic and had arrived at Nyayo House, ready to receive my passport by 9, head back to the apartment, grab my bags and thus head to the airport, but boy was I in for a surprise.

My friend and I get to Nyayo House and I try calling this passport guy and guess what? “Samahani, mteja wa namabari uliopiga hapatikani kwa sasa,” which basically means that the mobile subscriber cannot be reached.  At this point I am losing my mind and I’m ready to explode. EXPLODE!  His mobile number becomes active once more and he blatantly ignores my calls and texts and I’m thinking to myself, I need to be at the airport by 12 noon and it’s already 10am. The Lord is testing me.

I then decide to try out a different approach…begging. Yes I said it; desperate times calls for desperate measures, the funny thing is that it actually worked. He sends me over to his assistant only for me to learn that my papers had not even been processed, and his assistant who was so sweet, informs me that there’s something wrong with my names in my birth certificate and high school leaving certificate, ati they don’t match. I look at this woman, half wanting to break down, half wanting to slap the black off her skin.

Now? You tell me this now? Couldn’t you tell me this 2 weeks ago? It. Was. Hell.

Thank God for my loyal friends who moved mountains to make sure I got all the documents to get that passport. My best friend actually had to leave me at Nyayo House,  go back to the apartment, fetch my bags for me and come with my taxi guy to Nyayo House to wait for me because guess what? I still had not received my passport after all that time! By the time I was leaving Nyayo house and heading to the airport, it was heading to 1pm.  Were it not for my friends pressing me to keep pushing, motivating me and helping me work around all the drama that was my passport, I have no idea how I would have made it. I mean I even prayed about this trip in my night prayers during Ramadhan, which ended about a week before we left. Basically, I wanted this badly. The struggle was real guys, too real. I remember being on that plane and thanking God so much, words could not even express my gratitude to Him, I am in awe of His love for me. I just couldn’t believe I made it.

Ironically, a few days after coming back from Ethiopia, the fake ass passport guy calls me. He explains to me that he was informed by one of the USIU students interning at Nyayo house that we were back and he wanted to check up on me. Huh? Say what now? Mean while I’m thinking to myself, is this African normal? Why would I want to talk to you after all your foolish ass put me through? However I decided to play it cool and simply say thanks. That phone call legit makes it to my top three weirdest phone calls of my entire life lol.

So that’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed my  little rant, make sure to  hit that subscribe button and check out the photos of my trip over at my Facebook page, especially for the Addis Ababa University where we were only allowed to take photos. I will also be sharing more photos of my adventures over there so make sure you like the page and share with your friends. As always, I love hearing from you!xoxo!


  1. Hey..I don't believe you went through the same passport shit like I did, worse for me it was a work conference, and I paid that scumbag good money, I so wish I had bought myself louboutins with the money...
    Nice blog it

    1. I know right!!!I also paid this African and this is what I go through?Louboutins are such an upgrade from this lol.Anyway it is what it is, thank you so much hun!!!xoxo